Character Creation

Character Creation is guided by the Campaign Standards initially published by Wizards of the Coast for his campaign, except as noted in italics.

Ability Scores

Instead of rolling your ability scores, Dawn of Defiance uses the planned generation method as described on page 18, except you build a character with 28 points.

Choosing a Species

You may choose any species in the core rulebook, with the exception of Ewoks, which are not available for play. The Nautolan species is available for play if you have the Star Wars Rewards card The Battle of Glee Anselm.
As the rewards cards are long out of print, players may freely choose this race.

Droid Characters

Playing a droid hero is allowed in the Dawn of Defiance campaign. Droid characters use Option 1: Playing a Custom Droid presented on page 186 of the core rulebook. You cannot play a standard droid model in the campaign.

Heroic Classes and Class Features

All heroic classes in the core rulebook are available for play, although due to the Galactic Empire’s merciless policy towards Jedi, Force-using characters should be careful where they display their powers.

Characters begin play with maximum credits at 1st level.

Character Options

In addition to options presented in the core rulebook, additional rules options may become available throughout the campaign as this document is updated. Currently, the following rules options for characters are allowed:

  • Core rulebook (including the Jensaarai Defender talent tree and the Dathomiri Witch talent tree)
  • Tech specialist web enhancement
  • Star Wars Rewards cards are currently unavailable in our campaign.

Unavailable Character Options

While walking the balance between darkness and light might be an interesting character concept, the Dawn of Defiance campaign does not abide characters that fall completely to the dark side. The following character options are not available:

  • Sith Apprentice (SWSE)
  • Sith Master (SWSE)


All equipment with a military or illegal rating is unavailable for purchase at character creation, with the following exceptions: heavy blaster pistol and hold-out blaster pistol. You must pay the additional license fee for any available equipment that has a restriction rating (see page 118 of the core rulebook). At 1st level, you need not make any skill checks to obtain an available item with a restriction rating; simply pay the additional license fee, and the item’s all yours.

The Force

The Force rules present in the core rulebook with are used, with the following exceptions:

  • You may not reduce your Dark Side Score in any manner, thus increases of the Dark Side Score are permanent.
  • If your character falls to the dark side, treat this result as a character death (see below)

Character Death

While it is rare, it is possible that a character may die during the Dawn of Defiance campaign. If this happens, the player cannot participate with a PC (player character) in the rest of the adventure where the character’s death occurred. This may mean that a player may have to sit out more than one session while the rest of the group finishes the adventure; if this happens, the GM might want to consider having that player play the part of some of the NPCs (non-player characters) the others meet and play some of the bad guys during combat encounters.
I imagine we will be a bit more flexible should this occur. Our advebtures will span more than one session so will have the time to be creative.

At the start of the next adventure after the character’s death, the player may create another character set to the minimum level of play for that adventure. The character gains credits equal to a 1st level character, and may purchase equipment with the same restrictions as a 1st level character.

After the Adventure

Once you’ve finished an adventure, complete your logsheet and record any changes to your character there and on the character sheet. Keep your logsheet to record your next adventure. If you fill up all the log spaces, print out another logsheet and continue on the new one. Keep all your logsheets with your character sheet.
We will track the same data – experience, force, darkside and destiny points but probably not in the same form.

If your character levels, then follow the rules under Advancing a Level on page 55 of the core rulebook. When characters level, they gain hit points equal to the amount shown on the chart below.

Character Class Hit Points After 1st Level
Noble, scoundrel 4 + Constitution modifier
Scout 5 + Constitution modifier
Jedi, soldier 7 + Constitution modifier

Character Creation

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